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    The Fuels Summit is an event designed for leaders who distribute and sell gasoline, diesel, oil and lubes, natural gas, propane, and other fuels that power the Texas economy.  Hosted by the Texas Food & Fuel Association, the Fuels Summit was formed as part of a strategic initiative to connect thought leaders, vendors, and others in Texas who have a stake in the fuel marketing and convenience retailing industries.
    By participating in the Fuels Summit, you’ll be among the first to:
    • Gain a new perspective on how your business is performing against competitors in Texas and across the country.
    • Discover how our industry’s super stars continue to grow their businesses, along with areas to enhance your own company's performance.


    Turn out and ignite your passion for fuels!  Whether your goal is to boost your business performance, explore new technology, or create stronger relationships — you’ll discover practical ways to improve your environmental impact, retain customers, reduce costs and gain operational improvements to drive growth.
    Specifically, you’ll leave the Fuels Summit with:
    • Dozens of new business relationships that can help solve challenges you face
    • Educational handouts and industry publications
    • Deeper understanding of downstream fuels data and industry trends, including their impact to fuel wholesalers and retailers in Texas 
    • Cost saving measures to reduce penalties with federal and state regulators
    • A new, strategic approach that you can apply to your business operations
    • Proven tactics that can help you stand out from the competition


    • C-Store/Grocery Retailers
    • Single Store Operators
    • Convenience Store Chains
    • Petroleum Marketers
    • Petroleum Equipment Companies
    • Executives & Managers
    • Retailer Account Representatives
    • Industry Suppliers
    • Others interested in learning and engaging in this event!


    Pump up your fuels knowledge and satisfy your craving for information with an educational program designed exclusively for fuel marketing and convenience retailing professionals.  Learn alongside colleagues, meet new people, embrace innovation, and hear from a dynamic lineup of subject matter experts who have a combined over 100 years of experience.

    The educational program for the Fuels Summit focuses on four main categories: 1) Legislative/Regulatory, 2) Environmental, 3) Transportation, and 4) Energy.  This entire learning experience is designed with you in mind!  

    9:30 – 10:30 am
    Electronic Logging Devices (ELD’s) – Understanding the ELD Transition

    Moderator: Terry Tesch, R.B. Stewart Petroleum Products, Inc.
    Presenter: Sergeant Dana Moore, Texas Department of Public Safety

    It takes the effort of an entire team to ensure your commercial transportation fleet is in compliance with new Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technology policies. With the mandate just 60 days away, investing your time and energy in this session will leave you with:

    • Tips for training employees so that drivers are knowledgeable and comfortable using ELD technology
    • Key requirements of the ELD Rule
    • Minimum device specifications
    • Real cost of ELD implementation
    • Benefits of transitioning to ELD’s
    • ELD checklist


    1:00 am – 12:00 pm
    The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between: Recap of the 85th Texas Legislative Session

    Paul Hardin, CAE, President, Texas Food & Fuel Association
    Matt Burgin, Director of Government Relations, Texas Food & Fuel Association
    Scott B. Fisher, Vice President of Policy & Public Affairs​

    The Texas Food & Fuel Association (TFFA) was on the offensive during the 85th session of the Texas Legislature, an effort that resulted in the passing of “good” bills while simultaneously preventing “bad” bills from becoming law.  Follow along for a presentation that will walk you through the halls of the Texas Capitol and provide an in-depth discussion of:

    • House Bill 2174 – TFFA’s key bill privatizing meter calibrations and fuel quality testing currently performed by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) – get the latest update on implementation of the new law!
    • American Disability Act (ADA) drive-by lawsuits, tobacco smoking age, BBQ, annual vehicle inspections, and other bills that impact the convenience retailing, fuel marketing, and grocery industries in Texas.


    *BONUS: This session will conclude with a presentation on the latest information on new Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations being considered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), including a potential solution for the disposal of hydrostatic test waters.

    1:45 – 3:00 pm
    Overcoming the Diesel Fuel Tank Corrosion Epidemic

    Moderator:  Scott B. Fisher, Texas Food & Fuel Association
    Panelists:    John Keller, Petroleum Solutions, Inc.
                        Michael Thornton, D & H United Fueling Solutions
                        Bud Moore, Vaporless Manufacturing, Inc.

    Today’s ultra-low diesel fuel is causing storage tanks to corrode at an alarming rate!  When the EPA revealed the results of a recent study on the increasing presence of substantial corrosion in diesel fuel tanks, it proved that the problem is much larger than anyone anticipated. 

    This 75 minute session will cover: 

    • A history of the diesel tank corrosion problem
    • Findings of the EPA study and Speculative Causes
    • Liability risks for tank owners, including clean-up costs
    • Solutions to mitigate corrosion and extend the life of your diesel fuel tank


    3:15 - 4:30 pm
    State of the Petroleum Industry: Finally, We Have Some Good News!

    Gary Bevers, President & COO, EPIC News+Data

    Remember when “the only good news, was no news?” Well, times are changin’ in Texas, and we’re excited to bring Gary Bevers, Publisher of Fuel Marketer News, to talk about all of the positive and exciting “good news” of the industry including:

    Mexico Energy Deregulation impact on Texas wholesalers and retailers
    Trump Administration Impact on U.S. Oil & Gas Industry
    Financial & Regulatory State of the Petroleum Industry
    Job Creation in Texas and Increased Fuel Demand due to Mobilized Workforce
    Update on EPA Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Program

    President Trump’s pro energy agenda, regulatory reform and the will to move these priorities to the top of the agenda are going to make Texas a great place to be!  Join Gary for an exciting walk through our State’s petroleum industry opportunities for retailers and wholesalers.


    As a benefit of membership, there is no cost to participate in the Fuels Summit for members of the Texas Food & Fuel Association (TFFA).  General/Non-members will be assessed a participation rate of $95.  Simply register online and make your hotel reservations — we’ll take care of the rest!

    To help keep participation rates free and reduced, we ask that you plan ahead and keep TFFA informed should you register, only to have an event occur that prevents you from participating in the Fuels Summit.  We get it — stuff happens — your assistance will ensure a smooth and budget friendly event for years to come!



    Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront
    2055 Summer Lee Drive
    Rockwall, TX  75032

    Room Reservations
    ​If you made a room reservation for the original September dates, call the Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront to cancel and re-book your reservation for November 1-2.  Call (866) 235-1108 and refer to group code TFO.

    If you haven't made a room reservation, call the Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront at (214) 771-3700 today.  
    Refer to:  TX Food & Fuel Association Fuels Summit when make your reservations.  Room rates are $169 for single/double.

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