• 7-Eleven Opens Drive-Through Restaurant at Lab Store in Dallas

  • 7-Eleven Opens Drive-Through Restaurant at Lab Store in Dallas

    Taking a deeper dive into the food service business, 7-Eleven Inc. said in an
    announcement Tuesday that it has opened a Laredo Taco Company restaurant with a
    drive-through alongside the newest of its experimental 7-Eleven Evolution

    The site is the first drive-through restaurant 7-Eleven has operated, and it
    has indoor seating in addition to drive-through service. The store is the third
    laboratory store in Dallas and the sixth in the nation, 7-Eleven said in its
    announcement. Drive-through customers can order a variety of food options and
    more than 30 beverages, including the 7-Eleven Slurpee. The convenience store
    giant acquired the Laredo Taco restaurants along with Stripes convenience
    stores in Texas as part of its 1,000-store purchase from Sunoco in 2018.

    Inside the drive-through restaurant, beer, wine and several flavors of
    wine-based frozen margaritas are available for on-premise consumption along
    with Laredo Taco's traditional fare of made-to-order tacos served on tortillas
    that are made from scratch.

    The new Evolution store also is one of a growing number of 7-Elevens to offer
    mobile checkout and delivery, the company said.

    The 7-Eleven Evolution Stores are considered laboratory stores, in which
    7-Eleven tests store concepts, products and services. The company said it plans
    to open additional concept stores in north Texas and Manassas, Virginia, with
    more Evolution stores planned for this year. 7-Eleven opened four Evolution
    Stores last year in New York City, San Diego, Dallas and Washington, D.C. All
    stores include a restaurant concept, and the store design and product mix
    evolve based on customer feedback and shopping habits, the company said.

    --Reporting by Donna Harris, dharris@opisnet.com; Editing by Barbara Chuck,

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