• A Message from Federated Insurance: Who Else is Monitoring Your Vehicles?

  • A Message from Federated Insurance: Who Else is Monitoring Your Vehicles?

    It’s 5:30 AM. A suspicious vehicle is following one of your cargo tank trucks. It’s a routine that has been playing out for several weeks now, unbeknownst to your driver. The vehicle’s occupants are experts at staying inconspicuous by following at a safe distance in order to study your driver’s habits: loading and delivery stops, common routes, and when a location drop may need a full load. To your driver, it’s just another day. To the people in the other vehicle, however, it might be the day that changes the trajectory of your driver’s life and your business as you know it.

    This scenario may seem unlikely to some—even unimaginable. But it happens, and a quick scan of the headlines might suggest it happens more than we realize. That is why numerous regulatory agencies have put strict standards and expectations into place for petro chemical haulers and other companies that are considered vulnerable targets of theft and terror plots. Could someone be tracking your drivers’ moves right now?

    Vigilance with a capital V

    The DOT’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Security Administration (PHMSA) has established rules for petroleum marketers to address this risk. Implementing both security training for drivers and a written security plan will arm your employees with risk management strategies to help avoid this risk. A strong plan will address personnel security, unauthorized access, and en route security protocols.

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