• ATTN RETAILERS: Staffless AI Seeks Store for Beta Test in Austin, First in U.S.

  • ATTN RETAILERS: Staffless AI Seeks Store for Beta Test in Austin, First in U.S.

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    Staffless AI  (http://www.staffless.ai) is introducing an automated retail system that allows convenience store operators to remove all or most of their labor from a C-Store while significantly reducing theft. This is similar although not identical to the tech Amazon is still experimenting with in their Beta Amazon GO store in Seattle, but our intention is to sell the tech to as many C-Stores as possible as soon as possible....Amazon wants to keep the tech for itself.  Our system creates a seamless process that puts your customers in control of their shopping, delivering operational efficiency and giving you invaluable insights to your business by knowing exactly who your customers are and what they are shopping for with no human beings needed. Massive reductions in labor costs mean massive increases to your NOI and an immediate increase in the value of your business. The system has been working for over a year in Europe in a variety of different stores but we are entering the US market with an even more advanced version. We are looking for partners with whom we can Beta Test the system. The Beta Test will be free of charge. 
    In basic terms the system allows unmanned or semi-manned stores.  If you want to eliminate all of your labor (except stocking) customers enter the store through a mobile app loaded with their ID and Credit Card information which connects to a Smart Lock.  Someone can only enter the store if they have the app, and if we have confirmed their ID is legitimate. What this means is once they enter the store, we know who they are. Once in the store, customers can simply scan anything they wish to buy with their mobile device, place the items in their bag and leave; there is no longer a need for a human to ring them up. While in store, they are monitored by cameras that have an Artificial Intelligence back end. It alerts us if they place something in their bag that has not been scanned. Unscanned items are automatically charged to the customer’s card, and unwanted guests can be permanently banned from the store by removing access to the app permanently. 
    In a semi-manned scenario, where you wish to keep some labor for customer experience or fresh food,  the customer walks in the door as usual. They can only scan items successfully if they have the app, and to gain access to the app they must enter their ID, so again, we know who they are if they are shopping in your store. If someone is simply grabbing items and not scanning them our AI backend alerts us and alerts the person in the store at the same time. 
     If you want to be open 24 hours but only manned 12 hours, our system will work. If you want to get rid of all your labor and simply have a stockperson restock the store –that works too. It all works. 
    Ultimately the cost of the system is less than a human employee, about $12,000 to install and $1,200 a month as a subscription fee for monitoring and data storage BUT WE WILL DO IT FOR FREE FOR THIS BETA TEST. You can be the first store or store chain in the United States with this technology in your store.  
    -System has been working in Europe for over a year in a number of different stores
    -Reduces labor costs, either almost entirely or partially depending on how you wish to interact with the system. Examples being you can have someone making fresh food, someone stocking the store, someone greeting customers and telling them about the new system and simply eliminate the register person. 
    -This is an opportunity to be first store in the US to be awarded use of the technology, completely free of charge. 
    -Will almost certainly generate significant media buzz both locally and nationally as it has wherever it has been deployed and this will be the first in the US
    -Will attract millennials, early tech adopters, young and old to your store looking to get in on the future 
    -Seamless, easy to use, easy to understand technology that is immediately usable without any tutorials
    Please contact us to be the first store in the United States to Beta Test the future. 
    Ari Rosenblum
    Staffless AI
    (512) 647-6412
    Below is media generated with the first iteration of this technology in Europe. Staffless AI is now more advanced but it is worth reading and watching to understand how the basic system works. 

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