• COVID-19: PMAA Works With Feds on Fuel HOS Waiver

  • COVID-19: PMAA Works With Feds on Fuel HOS Waiver

    The Petroleum Marketers Association of America is working with the Federal
    Motor Carrier Safety Administration on a waiver of the Hours of Service
    regulations specifically for fuel transport to ease the industry's response to
    coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), PMAA President Rob Underwood has told

    The March 13 federal declaration of emergency waiving HOS rules applies to
    motor carriers and drivers providing "direct assistance" in relief efforts
    related to COVID-19 outbreaks including "transportation and other relief
    services provided by a motor carrier or its drivers incident to the immediate
    restoration of essential services, such as medical care, or essential supplies
    such as food."

    Underwood said in an email that PMAA is also discussing whether there is a need
    for a waiver of the summertime RVP gasoline requirements. "Some (marketers) are
    concerned that there may not be enough time to turn over tanks containing
    wintertime gasoline by the June 1 deadline due to a potential drop in consumer
    demand," he said.

    PMAA's state affiliates are also communicating to state and local governments
    that "gas stations and convenience stores are critical and should remain open
    during the crisis," he said.

    In PMAA's website update on COVID-19, the association also said it is concerned
    that the outbreak will "worsen the already acute shortage of qualified
    commercial drivers due to attrition from sickness and at-home quarantine."

    The group's website says PMAA also is seeking guidance from government
    emergency managers for heating fuel dealers and their drivers delivering fuel
    to residential customers within quarantined areas or to those who are
    self-quarantined at home.

    "The goal is to ensure that petroleum marketers and heating fuel dealers can
    operate in a coordinated and efficient fashion during a potential widespread
    COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak without being hampered by any emergency
    restrictions or limitations imposed by state and federal emergency managers,"
    the association said online.

    --Reporting by Donna Harris, dharris@opisnet.com; Editing by Barbara Chuck,

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