• EPA Issues Multi-State Emergency Fuel Waiver

  • EPA Issues Multi-State Emergency Fuel Waiver

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have granted emergency fuel waivers to the following states:

    • Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, and the District of Columbia (D.C.)
    The multi-state emergency fuel waiver is effective immediately.  Below is a summary of the recent EPA announcement:

    Conventional Gasoline:
    • Texas:
      • Low RVP Areas 7.8# RVP (95 counties) continues with the ability to produce, deliver and sell 9.0# RVP gasoline through to September 15th. The area will then revert to 7.8 # RVP thru October 1st.
      • El Paso area 7.0# RVP can now be replace with Winter Gasoline or 11.5# RVP
    • Remaining Conventional Gasoline Areas:
      • Effective immediately 11.5 # RVP gasoline can be produced, delivered and sold in these markets through September 15th.
    Reformulated Gasoline Markets:
    •  Under this temporary Fuel Waiver EPA will allow regulated parties to produce, deliver or distribute conventional winter gasoline with a RVP of 11.5# in any RFG covered area through September 15th within the designated states (i.e. Maryland, Texas & Virginia), and D.C.       
    *Diesel Fuel in Texas:
    • TxLED Diesel Fuel requirement for the 110 counties for the Eastern portion of Texas is waived through September 15th.
    • Fungible 15ppm ULSD is the replacement fuel.
    • Also, Dyed 15ppm NRLM can be used for On-Road Vehicles in this waiver period.
    The Texas Comptroller has not yet released their guidance on handling  dyed fuel in Texas in regards to the Texas motor fuel taxes.  Until further notice from TFFA, We would advise to follow the current rule and laws on dyed diesel.  It will be soon.  (8/30/2017)

    This waiver and previous waivers can be found by clicking here
    Read the TCEQ Notice from the EPA

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