• ExxonMobil Sweetens Incentives for Pump Upgrades

  • ExxonMobil Sweetens Incentives for Pump Upgrades

    ExxonMobil has rolled out a dispenser program for next year with a higher
    rebate designed to encourage marketers to upgrade to pumps that accept chip
    payment cards, according to branded wholesalers.

    Gas stations must install point-of-sale equipment at the fuel islands that
    complies with the Europay Mastercard Visa technology standards for chip cards
    by Oct. 1, 2020 in order to avoid assuming liability for counterfeit card
    fraud. Under its 2020 Gilbarco Pump Dispenser Program, which applies to both
    new gasoline and diesel dispensers, ExxonMobil is offering a $2,400 rebate on
    equipment orders placed prior to Oct. 1, 2020. Earlier this year, the major
    promoted pump upgrades with a $2,000 discount on Gilbarco Encore 700S fuel
    dispensers with FlexPay Hybrid Card Readers and contactless card readers.

    Next year's program includes Catlow hanging hardware in the purchase price.
    Contactless payment is included as standard, though an HD meter is offered as
    an option. As ExxonMobil's promotion did earlier this year, the 2020 package
    includes one year of InSite 360 Premium Level Remote Management and a $1,000
    discount on Passport POS system when bundled with the dispenser purchase.

    This year's program offers $1,000 savings on Alphanumeric PIN Pad with new UF
    Diesel unit EMV retrofit kits. The kits apply to the Advantage and Encore 300,
    500, 500S and 700S dispensers.

    ExxonMobil told marketers the rebate program is subject to budget availability.

    --Donna Harris, dharris@opisnet.com

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