• Flint Hills and VP Racing Forge New Branded Relationship

  • Flint Hills and VP Racing Forge New Branded Relationship

    Refiner Flint Hills and Texas-based VP Racing Fuels announced a new
    relationship yesterday that will result in branded prices for VP Racing in some
    upper Midwest markets.

    Flint Hills Refining will be sending out the new branded products for octanes
    that range from the traditional 87, 89, and 91 unleaded gas as well as a
    92-octane and 93-octane E10. There will also be a VP Racing E15 blend.

    VP Racing has been adding branded stations across the country, catering in
    particular to customers who crave higher purchases of premium fuel, VP branded
    automotive additives, and optional racing fuels. The company is an official
    fuel or lubricant provider to over 60 race series worldwide.

    The company has an international presence and has also concentrated on branding
    up fueling sites at marinas for high-performance boats.

    --Reporting by Tom Kloza, tkloza@opisnet.com; Editing by Michael Kelly,

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