• Gemini Motor Transport’s Safe Driver Credits Program Recognizes Driver Safety, Commitment

  • Gemini Motor Transport’s Safe Driver Credits Program Recognizes Driver Safety, Commitment

    Gemini Motor Transport, the primary fuel hauler for Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores and member of the Love’s Family of Companies, announces its efforts to recognize safety by rewarding company drivers who have remained accident-free and met Gemini’s strict safety policies and procedures for five years. Gemini is honoring more than 60 drivers through its Safe Driver Credits program this year, including the first-ever award for a crude driver. Gemini will distribute more than $1.85 million in bonuses through the program this year.

    “Gemini prides itself in driver safety and this program is one of the many ways we show our support and appreciation to the drivers who make safety a top priority,” said Brent Bergevin, vice president of transportation for Gemini. “The Safe Driver Credits program has drastically reduced driver turnover and has helped Gemini continue its incredible safety record. We’re pleased to present drivers with this well-earned bonus.”

    Safety credits are awarded to drivers on an annual basis. To earn one credit, drivers must remain accident-free and have no tickets or fuel-related incidents over the course of one year. Drivers must also pass all U.S. Department of Transportation and Gemini inspections and adhere to Gemini’s stringent safety policies. Once drivers collect five safety credits, they’re eligible to receive the bonus. Drivers were recognized at receptions across the country in February and March.

    In 2017, Gemini received the Harvison Division North American Safety Champion Award from National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. (NTTC), for the company’s safe driving record. The award recognizes the best tank truck industry safety programs in two different mileage divisions. Gemini won the more than 40 million miles category with an accident frequency of 0.291 accidents per million miles. Gemini is also up for the award again for its accomplishments in 2018.

    Since recognizing the inaugural 2015 class in 2016, Gemini has awarded more than $8.1 million in Safe Driver Credits to drivers.