• Governor Abbot Issues Executive Order & Plan For Reopening Texas

  • Governor Abbot Issues Executive Order & Plan For Reopening Texas

    Governor Abbot Issues Executive Order
    & Plan For Reopening Texas

    Tuesday, April 28, 2020

    from Texas Association of Business

    Yesterday, Governor Greg Abbott addressed the state during a press conference, to announce new opening measures for resuming business activity in phases. 

    Openings Next Week
    Governor Abbott's "stay-at-home" executive order will expire as scheduled, Thursday, April 30th. However, not all businesses are able to open at once. Phase I openings will start on Friday, May 1st. In this phase, all retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and malls will be allowed to open, but their occupancy cannot exceed 25%.

    All museums and libraries can also be open at the same capacity of 25%. Churches and other places of worship are allowed to expand their current capacity.

    However, safe distancing measures must still be in place. All licensed health professionals are allowed to return to work, however, hospitals must still reserve sufficient capacity for potential COVID-19 patients. Essential businesses may continue to operate as they have been. 

    This order serves as permission for these businesses to reopen, not a requirement. The order also supersedes all local orders. Please note that different standards apply to counties with 5 or fewer cases of COVID-19. These counties must still comply with all recommended safety practices but are allowed to increase capacity to 50% starting May 1st. 

    Looking Ahead
    If measures to curb the spread continue successfully, Phase II will begin as early as May 18th. On that day, Abbott is likely to announce more businesses to reopen and expand capacity for previously opened ones to 50%. Please note that barbershops, hair salons, bars, and gyms have not been opened yet. Abbott expects them to reopen mid-May. The governor is also considering reopening measures for childcare services and summer camps, but they have not officially been announced at this time.

    For the full text of the Governor's Executive Order, click here.

    To view full instructions on what is allowed, click here.
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