• Is It Legal to Sell Hemp / CBD Consumables in Texas?

  • Is It Legal to Sell Hemp / CBD Consumables in Texas?

    As the industry is bombarded by CBD infused products, many TFFA members are asking the question "can I legally sell CBD infused products?" While the rules and regulations seem to change daily on this, the current information from the Texas Department of State Health Services basically states that you can. Here is the information from the TDSHS:

    Can I sell consumable hemp products at retail now?

    Yes, Section 11 of HB 1325 allows for existing retailers to possess, transport or sell consumable hemp products that become part of the retailers' inventory prior to the effective date of DSHS rules resulting from HB 1325. The retailer must be licensed as currently required by law. Retailers selling consumable hemp products must ensure the product is safe for consumption by being free of heavy metals, pesticides, harmful microorganisms or residual solvents. Additionally, consumable hemp products sold must not contain more than 0.3 percent THC.

    During routine inspection or complaint investigations, DSHS, within its statutory authority, may detain products, including dietary supplements, that are labeled as or contain hemp, including CBD, and that make unproven health claims, such as preventing, diagnosing, treating and/or curing a health or medical condition. Products that are being manufactured or handled in a manner that creates a health hazard for people who may use it may also be detained.

    Note: HB 1325 contains limitations regarding retail sales of out-of-state consumable hemp products. The products must be processed or manufactured in another state in compliance with:

    1. that state or jurisdiction's plan approved by the USDA;
    2. in the absence of a state submitted plan, a plan established by the USDA; or,
    3. the laws of that state or jurisdiction if the products are tested in compliance with, or similar to those set out in Section 443.151 of HB 1325.

    Upon approval of the Texas state hemp plan by USDA, DSHS will establish a process to register retailers selling consumable hemp products containing CBD. At that time, existing retailers selling consumable hemp products containing CBD and new retailers wishing to sell these products will be required to register with DSHS.

    Find out this and more at https://www.dshs.texas.gov/consumerprotection/hemp-program/default.aspx

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