• Kathy Lehne and Sun Coast Resources: A Business World Example of the Butterfly Effect

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    By David Blackmon, Shale Oil & Gas Business Magazine

    When Sully Sullenberger landed his US Airways Flight 1549 on the surface of the Hudson River on January 15, 2009, saving more than 100 souls in the process, no one in the news media or anywhere else referred to him as a "male pilot." Instead, he was just called a "pilot," as he should have been.

    But in April, when Tammie Jo Schults safely landed her injured Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, also saving more than 100 souls in the process, pretty much every story filed in every media outlet made certain to mention the fact that she was a "female pilot." Despite the fact that women have been piloting airliners for 45 years now, and becoming more and more numerous in their profession over time, Schults, in the year 2018, was still treated as something of a novelty.
    Someday, the airline industry will reach the point at which its pilots, male or female, will come to be identified simply by their roles, and not their gender. By the same token, we know that the same will be true for women who happen to be senior executives in the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, the reality is that this industry lags behind most others in terms of having women in the top executive positions. Whether in the C-suite or the board room, the female voices guiding oil and gas companies remain few and far between.

    A Company With No Glass Ceiling
    A lack of female voices running the company is not an issue at Sun Coast Resources, Inc., and never has been, for the simple fact that Kathy Lehne, the company's CEO, is also the company's founder. The CEO position at Sun Coast is not a job Lehne was hired into - it's a job she created, and at a very young age. Read More

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