• Meridian Associates, Inc. Recognizes Ken Koger as New Partner

  • Meridian Associates, Inc. Recognizes Ken Koger as New Partner

    Weatherford, TX – February ** 2019 – Meridian Associates founder Betsi Bixby recently recognized VP Valuation and Advisory Specialist Ken Koger as partner and shareholder of the company.

    Koger has been bringing serious firepower to Meridian Associates’ Valuation and Advisory Department since early 2009 and it has not gone unrecognized. His dedication to the company since day one earned him minority stock ownership of the company, a first step toward founder Betsi Bixby’s goal of Meridian becoming an employee owned company.

    After being recognized as partner, Ken Koger said, “I’m very excited about this new ownership status. I have been a part of the Meridian Associates team for over 10 years now and to be rewarded in this way brings me great pride.”

    Founder, Betsi Bixby says, “It’s rare to find an employee in today’s world like Ken. Since day one he treated Meridian Associates as if he was already an owner. His excellence, work ethic and dedication to our company deserved to be recognized. He has well-earned the new title and status of partner.”

    About Meridian Associates:

    Meridian Associates has been partnering with family owned petro marketers for over 25 years to remove barriers to business growth and reduce stress levels. We’ve equipped over 3,900 leaders to grow their business and help their families thrive through our combination of high impact business coaching, Petro focused leadership events, advisory, and precision company valuations. Meridian helps Petro leaders build their legacy.

    For more info visit: https://askmeridian.com/

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