• NATSO Launches New Biodiesel Quality Assurance Program

  • NATSO Launches New Biodiesel Quality Assurance Program

    NATSO Inc., the national association representing the travel plaza and
    truckstop industry, said on Tuesday that it has launched a new business venture
    known as the Alternative Fuels Council to help fuel retailers leverage the
    resources necessary to learn about and incorporate alternative fuels into their
    supply offerings.

    The Alternative Fuels Council will work with members of the truckstop and
    travel plaza community and other fuel retailers to navigate the litany of state
    and federal fuel regulations, and to utilize available government incentives
    for alternative fuels, including the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). 

    "The Alternative Fuels Council will also help its partners implement profitable
    strategies related to alternative fuel supply options and fuel
    infrastructure,"NATSO said.

    Among its initial offerings, NATSO's Alternative Fuels Council today unveiled a
    new Biodiesel Fuel Quality Plan designed to help those who blend, market and
    distribute biodiesel blends ensure the final product that they sell to
    consumers meets a minimum standard of quality. "As part of this plan, the
    Alternative Fuels Council will help facilitate fuel testing and analysis for
    marketers at a substantially discounted price," NATSO said.

    "Maintaining fuel quality is increasingly important to today's fuel retailers
    amid the growing number of fuel offerings and renewable fuel blending
    options,"said NATSO Fuel Specialist Jeff Hove. "While certain accreditation and
    quality assurance can be provided by biodiesel producers and suppliers, it is
    imperative that fuel retailers remain vigilant regarding the quality of the
    finished product." As NATSO's Fuel Specialist, Hove will be the primary liaison
    between the Alternative Fuels Council and its fuel retailing partners. 

    Through the Fuel Quality Plan, those who blend, market and distribute biodiesel
    can access a step-by-step guide to the blending process. The guide directs
    users through fuel quality management, including sampling procedures, protocols
    and proposed schedules, to help ensure that alternative fuel meets the required
    ASTM fuel quality standards, NATSO said.

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