• Petroleum Industries Highlight Preparedness for Upcoming Hurricane Season

  • Petroleum Industries Highlight Preparedness for Upcoming Hurricane Season


    Contacts: Sherri Stone; Rob Underwood; Mark Morgan
    Petroleum Industries Highlight Preparedness for Upcoming Hurricane Season
    May 22, 2018 NFCH-18-03
    Today, PMAA along with API, AFPM, and NOIA highlighted the steps that the petroleum industry is taking to prepare its operations for the upcoming hurricane season and shared lessons learned and examples of the industry’s resilience from past hurricane seasons.

    PMAA’s Sherri Stone explained that “Marketers work to keep all of their clients, including gas stations, convenience stores, truck stops and marinas fully supplied with fuel. Following a disaster marketers re-supply their clients as quickly as is possible. Marketers often take these services even further by helping to rebuild supply when there are declared emergencies in other parts of the country. The marketers who do this provide an invaluable service for their country, and we have put together a Disaster Fuel Response Program to connect companies looking for fuel during and following a disaster, with PMAA State Association motor and heating fuels marketers who wish to provide the service. Use of this Program information will be a first as we completed the program following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria as well as the recent winter cold snap.”

    Suzanne Lemieux, API Midstream and Industry Operations Manager noted that “To prepare and respond to weather events, API works with federal, state, and local first responders and government officials to help promote safety and restore normal operations following a storm. Our industry has developed innovations, technology and knowledge from past big-weather events that has better prepared the industry to withstand future storms.

    Jeff Gunnulfsen, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers Director of Security and Risk Management reported that, "The refining and petrochemical industries practice emergency response, every day, 365 days a year. No two storms or emergencies are alike, and our industries prepare vigorously and consistently for all types of disruptions. Preparation is the first step in managing major events, and by working diligently with industry partners, we're able to minimize the impacts of unpredictable events."

    Finally, Tim Charters, National Ocean Industries Association Senior Director of Governmental and Political Affairs noted that, “America has placed the vast majority of our offshore energy eggs in one basket – the hurricane-prone Gulf of Mexico. Simply put, we dodged an energy security bullet during the 2017 hurricane season. By geographically concentrating our nation’s offshore energy production, the U.S. is rolling the dice when it comes to natural disasters. This is why we must ensure the continued development and production of our nation’s offshore energy resources from both inside of and outside of the Gulf of Mexico.”
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