• Reminder: TABC Licensing Deadline Approaching - July 31, 2021

  • Reminder: TABC Licensing Deadline Approaching - July 31, 2021

    Texas Food & Fuel Association
    Reminder: TABC Licensing Deadline Approaching - July 31, 2021
    This is a reminder that the deadline to submit completed original (new) TABC license applications is July 31. If you do not meet this deadline, you will need to wait to submit your original application in September.
    Applications are only considered complete if you submit all information, including certifications, and make payment by July 31.
    You can find all the details and answers to common questions on the TABC website by clicking the buttons below.
    Temporary Licensing Process Webpage
    TABC 2021 Changes FAQs
    Reminder: Temporary Licensing Process in Effect
    The August pause on accepting original applications is necessary to launch the new online Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS), which will make it easier for you to conduct your TABC business anytime and anywhere.
    Applications for Original Licenses, Subordinate Authorities, Supplemental Changes or Temporary Events

    Now to July 31: We’ll accept completed applications using the current submission process(or COVID-19 email process), which will be based on the license types and fees in effect at the time. Under this process, your application is only considered complete if you do both of the following:
    • Answer all questions, get all necessary certifications, make all required publications, etc. If any items are missing in the application, we will deem it incomplete and send it back to you.
    • Submit your payment for application fees and surcharges by July 31, after receiving a “remit payment” notice by email from TABC. (Submit your completed applications with enough time for TABC to send you a “remit payment” notice, and for you to respond by mailing the requested payment to TABC by July 31.)

    Aug. 1 to 31: TABC will not accept any applications for original primary licenses, subordinate authorities like Food and Beverage Certificates, or supplemental changes (e.g., location, ownership, business entity officers, etc.). But we'll continue to accept and process applications for temporary and catering events occurring in August. For events happening in early September, new forms will be provided Aug. 1 so that license and permit holders can submit requests for approval well in advance.

    Sept. 1 and after: Apply using TABC’s new AIMS program and the new license types and fees set by TABC rules (not yet adopted).
    Temporary Events Authorizations: You may use the new PDF forms that will be posted to the TABC website Aug. 1 to submit authorization requests for events happening Sept. 1 or later. Then, once you onboard into AIMS based on the schedule described below, we encourage you to start using AIMS to apply for temporary events. See the onboarding schedule.
    Applications To Renew Licenses
    Licenses with expiration date of Aug. 31 or sooner: Renew using TABC’s current online process and the license types and fees in effect before Sept. 1. These businesses should renew before Sept. 1.

    Licenses with expiration date of Sept. 1 or after: Renew using TABC’s new AIMS program and the new license types and fees set by TABC rules (not yet adopted). You may not file renewals for these licenses before Sept. 1.
    Reminder: AIMS Onboarding Starts in September
    When it’s your time to onboard into AIMS, TABC will send an email to the address we have on file. We’ll provide instructions for businesses that would like to hold a license and separate instructions for those that already hold one.
    Onboarding Group 1: The following businesses are scheduled to onboard in September:
    • License holders in the manufacturing or distribution tiers.
    • Brewpub License (BP) holders.
    • License holders in the retail tier who have a license or permit that expires in September or October (regardless of year).
    • Businesses that need to apply for an original permit.
    Group 1 will: 
    • Receive their first onboarding instruction email from TABC in July.
    • Be provided a virtual education session in August.
    • Onboard in September. 
    Onboarding Groups 2-11: If you’re a retailer not included in Group 1, you’ll be scheduled to onboard into AIMS based on your license expiration month (expiration year does not matter). Retailers with multiple licenses will onboard based on the license you hold with the earliest expiration month. These groups will: 
    • Receive their first onboarding instructions email from TABC about two months before they onboard.
    • Be provided a virtual education session in the month before they onboard.
    • Onboard in the month shown in the chart on TABC’s Technology Changes webpage.
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