• RINs Get a Boost From Court Ruling on Small-Refinery Exemptions

  • RINs Get a Boost From Court Ruling on Small-Refinery Exemptions

    Renewable Identification Number (RIN) values moved higher across the board on
    Monday in the wake of Friday's appeals court ruling that ordered EPA to vacate
    three small-refinery exemptions (SRE) granted for the 2016 RFS compliance year.

    Ethanol-related D6 RINs for 2020 began Monday with trades reported at
    17.25cts/RIN and 17.5cts/RIN before trading heavily at 17.75cts/RIN for the
    remainder of the day. D6 RINs for 2019 traded heavy from the get-go at reported
    values of 11cts/RIN and 10.75ctsRIN, peaking with a cluster of midday trades
    reported at 11.25cts/RIN. D6 RINs for 2018 saw more activity than in previous
    days, with three trades reported at 9.5cts/RIN.

    OPIS assessed ethanol-related D6 RINs for 2020 on Monday at 17.5cts/RIN, up
    1.875cts on the day. The 2019 D6 assessment rose to 10.875cts/RIN, up 2cts from
    Friday, and the D6 2018 assessment rose 2cts on the day as well, coming in at

    Elsewhere, biomass-based diesel D4 2020 RINs reportedly traded at 44cts/RIN on
    Monday morning with values topping out at 44.5cts/RIN and 45cts/RIN in the
    afternoon. Previous-year D4 RINs saw less activity, reportedly opening with
    trades at 46.75cts/RIN and climbing to 48.5cts/RIN by the end of the day. No
    activity was reported for D4 2018 RINs.

    The OPIS assessment for biomass-based diesel D4 RINs for 2020 on Monday rose
    3.25cts on the day to reach 44.5cts/RIN. D4 RINs for 2019 were assessed at
    47.625cts/RIN, gaining 4.625cts on the day. The 2018 D4 assessment was
    41cts/RIN, up 2cts since Friday.

    --Reporting by Aaron Alford, aaron.alford@ihsmarkit.com

    --Editing by Jordan Godwin, jordan.godwin@ihsmarkit.com

    Copyright, Oil Price Information Service

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