• Shell and GM Will Deliver In-Dash Fuel Payment Nationwide

  • Shell and GM Will Deliver In-Dash Fuel Payment Nationwide

    The era of the connected car just took a vast leap forward. Shell and General
    Motors (GM) announced today that Shell-branded stations across the country are
    accepting the automotive industry's first-ever embedded, in-dash fuel payment
    and loyalty experience. Customers with eligible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and
    Cadillac vehicles will be able to use Shell Pay & Save within the GM
    Marketplace and pay directly for gas via dashboard screens. Fuel Rewards
    savings will be earned as part of the program.

    The companies say that customers will be able to make a few selections on the
    vehicle's touchscreen and a three-digit code will be generated. That code will
    allow the user to activate a specific pump and start fueling. The final payment
    will be charged to the customer's credit card, debit card or directly to their
    checking account. No swiping will be necessary and the rewards will be
    generated automatically.

    As part of the launch, customers driving eligible vehicles can earn a one-time
    discount of 25cts/gal in Fuel Rewards savings, up to 20 gallons, on their next
    fueling transaction, provided they sign up for Shell Pay & Save within
    Marketplace and make a purchase of at least five gallons. These customers can
    also earn an extra 5cts/gal in Fuel Rewards savings up to 20 gallons, after
    each fuel purchase of at least five gallons on every fill-up through December

    Embedded in-dash fueling at Shell, the nation's largest branded fueling
    network, is powered by GM Marketplace, the automotive industry's first commerce
    platform for on-demand reservations and purchases of goods and
    services.Marketplace allows GM owners to order food, make dinner reservations,
    find parking or hotels, and locate and pay for fuel.

    "Fueling is obviously an essential part of the vehicle ownership experience and
    we're excited to offer our drivers a new way to fuel up with convenience,
    security and speed," said Rick Ruskin, Marketplace Line of Business leader,
    GM."Through Marketplace, we've been able to harness the power of the connected
    vehicle to change the way people think about everyday tasks like filling up."

    Shell and GM have worked with several companies to develop and roll out this
    innovative technology and customer experience including Excentus, Xevo, Chase,
    Buy It Mobility (BIM) and Shell's payment platform provider, P97. This
    nationwide rollout to customers at participating Shell-branded stations comes
    following a successful pilot in select U.S. markets earlier this year.

    There is some speculation that coordination between in-dash payment and various
    suppliers could accelerate in coming years to where other retailers might
    guarantee gasoline discounts or even cost-plus price deals. Almost all
    international car manufacturers are working on technology that will allow
    drivers to buy fuel, book food in advance, make reservations at restaurants and
    do other tasks associated with smart phones or PCs.