• Skimming Takes Center Stage in San Antonio During TFFA Seminar

  • Skimming Takes Center Stage in San Antonio During TFFA Seminar

    In San Antonio, credit and debit card skimming took center stage at what was perhaps TFFA’s most professionally diverse group of participants in its 70 year history.


    Public and private sector organizations included convenience retailers, fuel marketers, fueling technicians, technology firms, financial institutions, equipment manufacturers, credit card companies, federal and state law enforcement/public safety officials, state regulatory agencies, criminal prosecutors, investment firms, and hospitals.

    With an informative presentation in hand, TFFA delivered an in-depth look at the impact c-stores have in Bexar County; including, economic activity and job growth.

    Much to the surprise of everyone in the room, San Antonio Chief of Police Bill McManus made an appearance to address the crowd and engage with seminar presenters.  

    For those who may not be familiar with the skimming epidemic plaguing fuel dispensers and ATMs, here are a few takeaways from the Skimming Prevention Seminar:
    1. The state of Texas is taking a firm stance against skimming with the introduction of identical bills in the House (HB 869) and Senate (SB 315) — legislation that strengthens criminal penalties by classifying credit and debit card skimming as a predicate offense.
    2. According to U.S Secret Service, the bulk of skimming crimes in Texas are being carried out by Cuban- and Romanian-born Nationals who are using various illegal methods in numerous states to scam money from businesses and people.
    3. Criminals who steal credit and debit card information will sell the information on the dark web, use the account to make purchases online, and create cloned credit cards which they often use to engage in fuel theft.
    4. As a best practice, retailers who find skimming devices in fuel dispensers should preserve video footage as it can help criminal prosecutors identify and pursue thieves.

    Skimming is a pervasive problem— one that will continue to exist for the foreseeable future.  Fortunately, there are numerous ways convenience retailers can protect their business and preserve the customer experience.  How? You’ll need to sign up for a future Skimming Prevention Seminar to find out!

    Up next, TFFA wll host seminars in Tyler (3/25), Houston (3/27), and Beaumont (3/28).  Sign up, and get the 411 to avoid a 911.