• Staffless is Looking for More Customers!

  • Staffless is Looking for More Customers!

    Staffless, the company that invented the world's first unstaffed store in Sweden in 2015 has raised a round of funding and moved to the US full time.

    Staffless is Amazon Go for the average retailer. It allows any retail operator to run their store fully unstaffed using smart locks, smart cameras, and a backend artificial intelligence system that tracks what customers are taking from the shelves. From a customer perspective, the system is easy.  You register once with your ID and credit card, are facially recognized at the door which opens for you, walk around the store, put goods in your bag and walk out. 

    Never lose a customer again due to long lines!  No scanning and no register make for a unique and convenient shopping experience.

    Retailers are charged 2.5% of the top line, versus the 14-20% of topline they're paying currently for staff.  The system completely changes a retailer's cost structure, which in the commoditized world of c-stores can give Staffless enabled stores the edge over the guy around the corner.  From a merchandising standpoint, there is only a need to keep staff available to stock and clean.  Staffless will integrate with all software suites, POS', and gas pump systems, and the team at Staffless do everything for you. You don't need to lift a finger and you don't need to shut down for even a day. If you want to use Staffless only in the overnight hours that works too. 

    Do you want to be a Staffless store? Contact them at info@staffless.ai. If you're interested in following the Staffless story send them an email and they'll include you in all their exciting updates.  info@staffless.ai