• Texas TransEastern Unveils First Camp Hope Tanker Trailer

  • Texas TransEastern Unveils First Camp Hope Tanker Trailer

    Texas TransEastern Unveils First Camp Hope Tanker Trailer
    TTE Hits the Road to Raise Awareness for PTSD Foundation of America Initiative
    HOUSTON — November 1, 2018 — During a special event hosted October 17 at the Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen in New Caney, Texas TransEastern (TTE) showed its continuing support of the PTSD Foundation of America with the public unveiling of its first newly decorated trailer. Emblazoned with an American flag, camouflage markings and the Camp Hope logo, the trailer is intended to help raise awareness for Camp Hope. Located in Houston, Camp Hope is a PTSD Foundation of America outreach program that provides interim housing for veterans and their families suffering from combat related PTSD, offering these Wounded Warriors a caring and positive environment.

    “The PTSD Foundation of America is making a huge difference in the lives of veterans with Camp Hope, and we just want to help get the message out and show our support for these brave veterans and their families,” commented J.J. Isbell, President. “If one person can see the truck and the phone number for Camp Hope on the truck and reach out, then maybe we can help save a life.”

    During the event, which was also attended by representatives from New Caney ISD, David Maulsby, Executive Director of PTSD Foundation of America, expressed his gratitude for the efforts by TTE and Gringo’s on behalf Camp Hope. “It’s a tremendous partnership that we have with Texas TransEastern and Gringo’s to help us get the word out to our veteran community that there is a place called Camp Hope for our combat vets who are struggling with
    PTSD,” Maulsby remarked. “We are losing too many veterans every day to suicide due to the effects of PTSD. Our four-to-six-month long program offers a broad and comprehensive range of support systems, and best of all, it’s provided at absolutely no cost to our veterans.”

    Isbell noted that TTE plans to raise funds to decorate additional trailers to help spread the awareness about the efforts of Camp Hope and what they need to fund their mission. Those wishing to contribute should contact Heather Dodson, Director of Marketing; Major Accounts, at 281.604.3109. For more information about Camp Hope, visit http://ptsdusa.org/.

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