• TFFA Member Donates $100,000 to TFFA PAC

  • TFFA Member Donates $100,000 to TFFA PAC

    Texas Food & Fuel Association

    TFFA Member Donates $100,000 to TFFA PAC
    The TFFA Political Action Committee (PAC) is excited to announce that an anonymous, and very generous, TFFA member has personally contributed $100,000 to the PAC.  As you know, PAC funds are used to provide contributions to Texas elected officials and legislators. The PAC historically contributes about $75,000 per election cycle, so the $100,000 infusion is a milestone moment for the PAC.

    TFFA is very grateful to this member for the contribution. It will be used strategically to accomplish our goals for the upcoming legislative session.

    It is never too late to make a contribution to the PAC. You may do so at www.tffapac.com or click on the button below.
    Thank you for your support.
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