• TFFA Members join Storefront to Talk C-Stores and Technology

  • TFFA Members join Storefront to Talk C-Stores and Technology

    On January 11, 2018, Bo Sasnett, CEO of D&H United Fueling Solutions (www.dh-united.com), and Ari Rosenblum, Co-Founder of Staffless.AI (www.staffless.ai), met in Houston to record an episode for Storefront — a TV program in which TFFA is working closely with the host to develop and format.

    Storefront is a revolutionary TV program which highlights the retailing industry through dynamic discussion topics, innovative ideas, and original content. 

    An unprecedented TV program, Storefront features a 16 minute segment dedicated to the U.S. convenience store industry — a growing retail sector with over 154,000 stores, $550 billion in annual sales, and sells an estimated 80% of all the fuel purchased in the country.

    Topics range from current events, workplace environments, regulatory updates, and much more.  Most importantly, the program challenges traditional understandings of convenience stores and raises awareness of its economic and community impact through panel discussions, guest interviews, and live calls from viewers.

    The program will air on Dish Network, channel 648, between 8 - 9 pm CST.  In addition, a website and social media accounts are being created to help bring awareness to the show and it's important topics.  Stay tuned!