• TFFA's Food & Fuel Magazine is Now Also Available in a NEW Digital Format

  • TFFA's Food & Fuel Magazine is Now Also Available in a NEW Digital Format

    Texas Food & Fuel Association
    Food & Fuel Magazine Now Also Available in Digital Format

    In addition to print, Texas Food & Fuel Magazine is now available in a new digital format.

    The magazine can be easily viewed on any device, whether smartphone, tablet, or computer screen — it adjusts to your screen size!
    View the Current Edition - Jul/Aug/Sept 2020

    How it Works
    Scroll vertically through all the content in the magazine and easily select individual articles to read or share via the buttons at the top. Want to see past issues? They can be found on the left on the main page — just one click and they’re at your fingertips! Additionally, the flipping-page digital version is available and easily accessible through the menu bar in the upper left corner. 
    Need Help Navigating?
    Don't worry. A quick walk-through tutorial pops up when you first click on the digital edition. Just click "Begin" and the tutorial helps you navigate through and discover the digital version's many features. The tutorial is available at any time through the help menu. Once you're a pro, you can press "Skip" and go straight to the digital version, without the tutorial.
    We’re happy to bring you the Texas Food & Fuel Magazine in another, feature-packed format. For information on advertising in this valuable format, call 844.423.7272 or email advertise@innovativepublishing.com.
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