• Trop. Storm Imelda Nears Houston; Heavy Rain for Coastal Texas

  • Trop. Storm Imelda Nears Houston; Heavy Rain for Coastal Texas

    Tropical Storm Imelda formed off of the Texas coast Tuesday and is shaping up to be a heavy rain event for the eastern part of the state, which could mean flash flooding to Houston and other parts of the upper Texas coast.

    As of Tuesday afternoon, the center of the storm was making landfall, according to the Weather Underground website. A tropical storm warning is in effect from Sargent to Port Bolivar, Texas.

    Flash flood watches have been issued for parts of southeast Texas, including Houston and Galveston. Rainfall forecasts are for five to 10 inches in the region through the week, with 15 inches possible in places where the rainbands stall, Weather Underground meteorologists said in a bulletin.

    The heavy rainfall is expected to creep northward into eastern Texas, mostly east of the Interstate 35 corridor.

    Contrary to some talk in oil markets, the Houston Ship Channel has not been closed to marine traffic, according to the Coast Guard.

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