• Watch How You Advertise CBD Products: FTC

  • Watch How You Advertise CBD Products: FTC

    Watch How You Advertise CBD Products: FTC

    As gas stations and convenience stores embrace the sale of products made with cannabidiol, or CBD, the Federal Trade Commission is warning businesses about making unsubstantiated claims of CBD's health benefits.

    FTC warned all businesses in a blog post today that merchants and advertisers must ensure their statements are supported by reliable scientific evidence.

    "Unsubstantiated health claims could be subject to law enforcement," the FTC said.

    The commission also said it had just sent warning letters concerning unsupported claims to three vendors for a variety of CBD oils, creams, capsules and gummies, without disclosing their names. FTC, along with the Food and Drug Administration, also sent similar warning letters to other CBD sellers in March, the agency said.

    The advertising under scrutiny emphasizes CBD as a treatment or cure for serious diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, heart disease and stroke. But also included in the questionable claims is the description of CBD as a "miracle" pain reliever for acute and chronic pain.

    FTC's letters require these companies to review all representations, including testimonials, to make sure their claims are supported with scientific evidence. The firms were given 15 days to tell the FTC how they are addressing its concerns.

    --Donna Harris, dharris@opisnet.com

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