• WE CARD: September Is We Card Awareness Month

  • WE CARD: September Is We Card Awareness Month

    September is We Card Awareness Month and it’s a great time to train or re-train employees and raise awareness of FDA regulations and Texas state law compliance. 

    Gov. Abbott Proclamation – September is We Card Awareness Month in Texas
    TFFA encourages all retailers to continue in their efforts to successfully identify and prevent underage age-restricted product sales. We Card resources include:  
    • We Card’s 2021 materials (including signage, calendars, decals, and kits) are now available to order at www.wecard.org.  
    • We Card’s online training and its mystery shopping service — ID Check-Up. Help equip your store employees with the knowledge while you can gauge their performance with mystery shops.
    • Get an updated state law summary or a Federal Law Summary on FDA regulated products and requirements of retailers.  See the Resource Center at www.wecard.org (login required).
    • We Card’s Age Checker App, a smartphone app that scans driver’s license bar codes and provides an "OK to Sell" or "Do Not Sell" message — available in the App Store and Google Play. Learn more here.
    • Take We Card’s Best Practices Survey and get a free download of We Card’s Guide to Best Practices.  
    Get 50% OFF We Card Training Through 10-31-2020
    - Preventing Illegal Sales to Underage Customers
    - Denying Adult-for-Underage Person Purchases

    Age Verification Initiative

    Conexxus and NACS are leading efforts to revolutionize age verification at retail. The turnkey, next-generation solution will verify a user’s age while also protecting personal information and delivering a frictionless experience.  Detailed specifications are being completed that standardize the age-verification process at the point of sale that will include ID validation, age calculation, procedures for non-supported IDs, and the ability to anonymize verification to protect personal information and consumer privacy. 

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