• With Hiring Topping 50,000 During Pandemic, 7-Eleven Says to Expect More

  • With Hiring Topping 50,000 During Pandemic, 7-Eleven Says to Expect More

    7-Eleven Corp. said its stores and franchisees have hired more than 50,000
    people as it has ramped up services during the COVID-19 pandemic -- more than
    double the number that chain leaders had predicted in March.

    And 7-Eleven expects the hiring boom to continue, saying the company plans on
    recruiting 20,000 additional employees "to meet continued demand for 7-Eleven
    products and services amid the COVID-19 pandemic."

    Convenience-fuel retailers, considered essential providers, were one of the
    bright spots for hiring as other businesses closed their doors and unemployment
    grew during lockdowns at the start of the pandemic in March and April.

    At that time, 7-Eleven said it expected the corporation and its franchisees to
    hire about 20,000 new employees to meet increased demand for goods and services.

    The chain, with more than 9,000 locations across the United States, said it
    increased staff and grew its U.S. store count by more than 300 this year. In
    addition, the chain scaled frictionless mobile checkout technology to new
    markets, expanded delivery to 1,300 cities from 400 and added in-store pick-up
    through its 7NOW delivery app. The app offers delivery of essentials and
    nonessential items ranging from milk and bread to over-the-counter medicines.

    While several other chains in the U.S. offered employees temporary pay raises
    during the COVID pandemic, 7-Eleven announced no companywide initiative to
    boost compensation for workers and managers.

    --Reporting by Steve Cronin, scronin@opisnet.com; Editing by Barbara Chuck,

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