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  • Texas Food & Fuel Association Coupon Redemption Program

    A Profitable Solution to Coupon Redemption!

    Serving Texas Retailers For More Than 40 Years


  • Who Uses The Coupon Redemption Program?

    Texas Food & Fuel Association understands how much work coupons can be to manage.

    You have to:

    - Count them, sort them, send them to the manufacturers,

    - Then wait....

    - And wait......

    - AND WAIT for your reimbursement check!

    The Coupon Redemption Program brings retail members a cost-efficient coupon processing program and redemption service.

    ​With more than 40 years of experience in the coupon industry, the program is designed to meet the needs of every retailer, regardless of size. By working closely with manufacturers, 

    the Coupon Redemption Program insures the highest quality standards in the industry.


  • Who Benefits?

    Any Retailer will find the Coupon Redemption Program a valuable service to their business.

    - Grocery Stores

    - Supermarkets

    - Convenience Stores

    - Discount Stores

    - Pharmacies

    Retailers Receives 100% Face Value Of Coupons:

    - No Sorting or Counting

    - No Minimum Shipment Size

    - Honest and Accurate Processing

    - Full Payment within 35 Days

    - Chargeback Assistance

    - Complete Accounting Records

    - Shipping Labels


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  • Texas Food & Fuel Coupon Redemption Guide

    Refer to the Redemption Procedures listed to the right.

    Your coupon check will be issued within 35 days.

    Please follow all redemption procedures to avoid delays in processing your coupon shipments and checks.

  • Redemption Procedures

    - Include Store Name and Store Address on your mailing label and inside your package.

    - Include your Texas Food & Fuel Association Coupon Redemption Account Number.

    - DO NOT use home address.

    - Submit only coupons with cash value. Indicate your retail price on all "free" coupons.

    - DO NOT submit "In Ad" coupons or coupons redeemable for premiums.

    - DO NOT submit coupons which have not been exchanged according to manufacturers' terms printed on the coupon.

    Train Your Cashiers To Do The Following:

    - NOT to accept any coupons that have expired.

    - ONLY accept coupons from customers for products and sizes specified on the coupons.

    - Indicate retail price on coupons offering free products.

    - NOT to accept coupons requiring your customers to directly mail to manufacturers (i.e., mail-in certificates).

    Inform Texas Food & Fuel Association Of Any Changes Pertaining To Your Store(s):

    - Volume increases (double or triple couponing).

    - New Product lines added.

    - Additional stores added or sold.

    - Management or ownership changes.

    - Names and/or address changes to company or stores.

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