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  • The Texas Food & Fuel Association hand selects and vets companies to provide special pricing and features on a variety of products and services specific to your business.  Below is the TFFA Recommended Vendor for health insurance.

  • Lifestyle Health Plans
  • Texas Food & Fuel Association Healthcare Initiative Program

    Level-funded Group Health Benefits Program featuring healthcare benefit savings as compared to traditional coverage options.

    TFFA is proud to offer members a high-level health insurance plan that is 20%-40% in premiums than traiditional health plans, all while providing a better health coverage plan. Take a moment to compare your plan and premiums, and we are confident that you will switch to the association health insurance plan.

    Top 10 Reasons for Choosing -  Texas Food & Fuel Healthcare Initiative

    1. Savings are on average 20-40% over comparable plans.
    2. Individual Health Questionnaires (IHQ) - only take 5-10 minutes to complete to obtain firm rates.
    3. HIPAA compliant EASE platfrom utilized for IHQ’s and Enrollment On-boarding.
    4. Carrier honors YTD deductibles and out of pocket dollars. EOB from prior carrier required for credit.
    5. Wellness Credit – up to $500 for member and spouse (each) Lifestyle Plans only.
    6. Telemedicine with $0 copay included along with International Mail order for Brand Name drugs.
    7. 50% Employer contribution of employee only rate on lowest plan offered (PPO or HDHP).
    8. Free access to THINKHR, Compliance Software & Legislative Briefs for all ProSource groups signing up by year end.
    9. Start saving now – no need to wait until your renewal. Most carriers will allow you to opt out with a 30-day written notice.
    10. Ease of Consolidated Billing.


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    Large Group Quoting (over 100 employees) Requires:

    •  Current Employee Census
    • 3 Years of Rate and Claims History
    • Copy of Current Plans

    Small Group Quoting (less than 100 employees) Requires:

    • Current Census
    • Individual Health Questionnaires

    Quotes returned in 72-96 hours


    CONTACT: Gary Haack, Davidson Insurance Services, healthinsurance@tffa.com

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