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    The Texas Food & Fuel Association hand selects and vets companies to provide special pricing and features on a variety of products and services specific to your business.  

    Below is the TFFA Recommended Vendor for health insurance.


    CONTACT: Janet Jennings, Davidson Insurance Services, healthinsurance@tffa.com

  • Texas Food & Fuel Association Healthcare Initiative Program

    Level-funded Group Health Benefits Program featuring healthcare benefit savings as compared to traditional coverage options.

    TFFA is proud to offer members a high-level health insurance plan that has an average of 20%-40% savings in premiums than traditional healthcare plans, all while providing a better health coverage plan. Take a moment to compare your plan and premiums, and we are confident that you will switch to the association's healthcare insurance plan.

    Savings are on average 20-40%
    over comparable plans.


    Now offering a choice of two national networks, including Cigna.


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    Cigna PPO Plans

    Enter your zip code, then follow the prompts to search by provider, type or location. Then continue as a guest and select the “PPO” network on the plan selection page.  The PPO network is Cigna’s largest.

    Medova/Lifestyle Plans

    Enter your zip code, where indicated on the right side of the search box, then you can enter a specific provider's name or facility or you can also enter a keyword like “ hospital” to search for all hospital facilities within your search area. Search filters can be applied as well.
    *Not all doctors or hospitals are covered; Baylor Scott and White hospitals are excluded from this network.


    CONTACT: Janet Jennings, Davidson Insurance Services, healthinsurance@tffa.com

    Q: Is this a discount plan, or traditional health plan?
    A: This plan operates just like traditional health plans, with many more included benefits, like $0 copay for telemedicine, as well as a wellness program to reduce costs to employers and employees.
    Q: Is my physician “in-network?”
    A: The plan operates on the PHCS/MultiPlan network, which is the largest health provider network in the nation. If for any reason you are in an area not included in the PHCS/MultiPlan network, there are several other networks to choose from.
    Q: Are my prescriptions covered?
    A: Prescriptions are included in the plan, and vary by generic, branded and specialty. As an example, generic drugs on any of the three PPO plans are $1. The plan also includes an International Prescription Mail Order option, for deep discounts on name-brand medications.
    Q: How can the rates be so cost-effective?
    A: The plan is a Level-Funded Plan, meaning the risk is spread across all groups involved in the plan. Currently, there are 110,000 individuals on the plan, ensuring that rates remain low, including renewals, which average 3%-5%.
    Q: How much does it cost to join the plan?
    A: The plan is open to all TFFA members, and requires no capital investment in or out of the plan. All that you pay are the monthly premiums for you and your employees. That’s it, nothing more.