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  • The Texas Food & Fuel Association enables the success of its members by serving as an advocate and resource for the industry before both governmental authorities and the public.

  • Get to Know the Texas C-Store and Petroleum Marketing Industry

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      1:1,174 C-Store Ratio in Texas. In Texas, there is 1 convenience store for every 1,714 residents.
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      $20,600,000,000 In-Store Sales. Annual in-store sales impacting the Texas economy total $20.6 billion.
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      $57,900,000,000 Fuel Sales. Annual fuel impacting the Texas economy total $57.9 billion.
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      1:541 Automobile Ratio in Texas. There are 541 automobiles for every convenience store in Texas.
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      20,730,076,644 Gallons Sold in Texas. 20.7 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel are sold in Texas annually.
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      6,000 Fuel Distribution in Texas. There are over 6,000 loads of fuel transported on Texas roadways each day.
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      15,671 Convenience Stores in Texas. 10% of the nation's convenience stores are located in Texas