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Members of the Texas Food & Fuel Association are regulated by the following state and federal agencies:

  • State (TX)

    Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation
    Administers/Enforces Fuel Quality Standards, Administers/Enforces Dispenser Meter Calibration Regulations, Administers/Enforces Octane Regulations, Administers/Enforces the American With Disabilities Act, Credit Card Skimmer Detection and Prevention.

    Protect the Pump Sticker

    Texas Hurricane Information and Planning Tools
    Resources and information for residents and businesses.

    Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
    Regulates the retail sale of beer/wine, Clerk Training Requirements, and Permits for Sales of Beer/Wine.

    Texas Department of Agriculture

    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
    State Motor Fuel Taxes, Sales and Use Taxes, General Business Taxes.

    Texas Department of Transportation
    Right of Way/Sign Regulation, Access Management Regulation, Commercial Vehicle Registration/Insurance Requirements, Weight Limits/Weight Permits.

    Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
    Regulates Petroleum Storage Tanks, Stationary Air Emission Sources, Mobile Air Emissions, Special Diesel Fuel Standards for Certain Texas Counties.

    Texas Department of Public Safety
    Administers/Enforces Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Enforces the License and Weights Regulations.

    Texas Department of Health & Human Services
    Administers the SNAP program (nutrition benefit assistance on the state level).

    Texas Department of State Health Services
    Administers/Enforces the Food Safety Regulations.

    Edward’s Aquifer Authority
    Administers/Enforces Underground/Aboveground Tank regulations for certain counties in Central Texas.

    Texas Lottery Commission
    Administers the state’s On-line/Scratch-Off Lottery products, Regulates Retailers for Lottery Sales.

    Texas Workforce Commission
    Administers/Enforces Unemployment Insurance Program, Collects/Enforces Unemployment Insurance Tax.

    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
    Commercial Vehicle Registration/Insurance Requirements, Weight Limits/Weight Permits.

  • Federal (USA)

    Environmental Protection Agency
    Administers/Enforces Underground/Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations, Storm Water Run-off Programs, Clean Air Act provisions for Air Emissions/Fuel Standards, Renewable Fuels Programs, Oil Spill Act – SPCC Compliance.

    Federal Trade Commission
    Administers/Enforces Federal Octane Rating Program.

    U.S. Department of Transportation
    Administers/Enforces the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations.

    Internal Revenue Service
    Administers/Enforces Federal Excise Tax on Motor Fuels, 1099K Reporting Requirements, Bio-Fuel Excise Tax Credit Programs.

    U.S. Department of Labor
    Administers/enforces Family Medical Leave Act, Wage & Hour Laws, EEOC Compliance.

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Administers/Enforces Fuel Transportation Security Requirements.

    U.S. Department of Energy/Energy Information Administration
    Administers requirements for statistical reporting.

    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    Administers/Enforces CDL requirements, CSA 2010 for Drivers/Commercial Motor Carriers.