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Marketer Members are companies engaged in the sales of fuels or lubricants, the wholesale distribution and sale of products sold in convenience and grocery stores, the ownership of operation of convenience stores or grocery stores. Dues for petroleum distributors are based solely on fuel gallons sold in Texas. Dues for all other categories are based on gross sales, exclusive of lottery and fuel sales for grocery/convenience retailers.

Petroleum Distributors

Dues are based on annual fuel gallons as reported by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

0 - 3 Million Gallons/Year $300
3 - 20 Million Gallons/Year $1,200
20 Million - 50 Million Gallons/Year $2,700
50 Million - 100 Million Gallons/Year $5,000
100 Million - 500 Million Gallons/Year $5,900
500 Million - 1 Billion Gallons/Year $7,000
1 Billion + Gallons/Year $8,100

Grocery/Food Distributors

Dues are based on gross sales to customers in the state of Texas

$0-$50 Million/Year Gross Sales $750
$50-$200 Million/Year Gross Sales $1,500
$200-$500 Million/Year Gross Sales $2,500
$500 Million/Year Gross Sales $4,800

Grocery/C-Store Retailer

Dues are based on gross inside merchandise sales, excluding sales of lottery and motor fuels

$0-$4 Million/Year Gross Sales $300
$4-$10 Million/Year Gross Sales $600
$10-$20 Million/Year Gross Sales $900
>$20 Million/Year Gross Sales $1,200



Persons, firms or corporations who exclusively own and/or operate no more than 2 retail motor fuel facilities


Supplier members include equipment manufacturers and vendors of products and services that support the operation of fuel marketers and/or grocery/ convenience retail owners/operators

Examples of Supplier Business Categories:

  • Beverages
  • Business/Technology Services
  • Car Wash
  • Financial Services
  • Foodservice & Foodservice Equipment
  • Grocery/Candy/Snacks
  • Non-Food Products
  • Petroleum Equipment & Services
  • Petroleum Products Technology
  • Tobacco/Tobacco Related

Refiner/Supplier - $2,250

Independent Lubricant Manufacturer - $1,500

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