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    Friday, March 8th marked the 60th day of the Texas Legislative Session which means Friday was the bill filing deadline. TFFA is very pleased and excited to announce that significant progress in our legislative agenda has been made as all of the industry bills we’ve been working on for the last several months have been filed.  A high priority credit card skimming bill is scheduled to be heard today in the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence.  TFFA will testify in support of the bill. 

    Click here for an updated list of TFFA’s highest priority bills.  For more information contact Matt Burgin, Director of Goverment Relations, mburgin@tffa.com or 512.617.4305.

  • The Results are in and the Top Issue Concerning TFFA Members is…


    In 2018, TFFA conducted a legislative survey to gauge how important local and statewide issues that impact businesses and consumers in the fuel supply chain are to the membership

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